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"Stonehill displays deep erudition in this haphazard panoply of ideas for developing empathy. Philosophically minded readers looking for something to chew on will find plenty here."

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"I picked up this book expecting to learn a thing or two. I was surprised how thoroughly I enjoyed it! I highly recommend it. The book lays out techniques for meta-cognition (“thinking about thinking”) that can be applied to emotional and spiritual growth. And it does so in a very unique way, making these ideas concrete with shapes. Stonehill includes so much that I kinda-sorta know sometimes, but not always, but he makes it explicit and transparent. It’s very helpful. For example, there’s a chapter on the tendency to rely on average traits of groups (“the average Joe”) and ignore variation and the distributions of those qualities among diverse people. Stonehill doesn’t just give this as an example, he illustrates it, literally. He then takes it further and reminds us that knowing this intellectually is helpful, but really internalizing it can help us accept ourselves and others as complex people. I’m a thinker, probably an over-analyzer, and often a worrier. If you’re anything like me, it’s helpful think through how you think and get tips for making that more effective. It’s especially wonderful that this book took it one step further and help me see how I can use my thinking skills in becoming a better, more empathetic person with more meaningful connections."

Terence Meehan Jr. Ph.D. M.D.

"I really enjoyed Stonehill's book. It's very original in its approach. He approaches some weighty topics with a lightness of touch and sense of humour that is incredibly refreshing. He also takes the reader on a journey from right down at the brass tacks of the fundamentals of reality, all the way up to how to live a more meaningful life. I also really enjoyed the original use of simple geometric shapes to convey complex. powerful ideas. A bright, profound and original voice, and a friendly companion on a sometimes daunting journey. Highly recommended."

Charles Cassidy

Host, On Wisdom podcast

"What I love about this book, and where other books on the subject of wisdom usually fall short, is it has practical, guided steps for knowing your own mind and purposefully developing wisdom about the world around you and in your own life.

Wisdom is such a broad subject, and the author knows his subject well. This book discusses wisdom from the earliest philosophers, spiritual teachings, and modern theorists. Instead of taking a stuffy, academic tone, the book uses humor and relate-able examples to help the reader understand how they can apply wisdom and clear thinking in their own daily life.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in growing their wisdom IQ."

Chef Sandy 

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