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Publishers Weekly

". . . Stonehill displays deep erudition in this haphazard panoply of ideas for developing empathy. Philosophically minded readers looking for something to chew on will find plenty here."

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What's In The Book?

Consider that what you think may be less important than how you think. Find out what Albert Einstein meant when he wrote that "imagination is more important than knowledge." 

This down-to-earth, integrative thinking manual for personal transformation introduces visual tools to help you move from binary thinking and reduction to the nuance of empathy and wisdom.

Blending philosophy, psychology, and a dab of spirituality, we learn to organize the worlds inside our heads, and then live out our creative destinies.

Podcast Episode: Pathways With Paul O'Brien

"Robert Stonehill is the author of Wise and Shine: Think Clearly, Live Deeply, Be Someone You Value. Theorist, caregiver, and part-time mystic, Robert writes at the intersection of empathy, empowerment, and creative thinking. He has studied academic and traditional wisdom independently for fifteen years. Additionally, he has studied in all three divisions of modern academia: physical sciences at Harvard, social sciences at Purdue, and humanities at Reed. In early 2014, he began hosting monthly wisdom workshops in Portland, Oregon."

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"The book lays out techniques for meta-cognition . . . And it does so in a very unique way, making these ideas concrete with shapes."

Terence Meehan, Jr. Ph.D. M.D.

"A bright, profound and original voice, and a friendly companion on a sometimes daunting journey. Highly recommended."

Charles Cassidy, host of 'On Wisdom' podcast

"I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in growing their wisdom IQ."

Chef Sandy

"The concept of radical listening resonated with me . . . I enjoyed the book more that I thought I would."

RH in IL

"Different . . . Just different."

January Gray

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