About the Author

Robert N. Stonehill, author of 'Wise and Shine'

A creative theorist, my ideas have influenced academics across the globe—it helps to write about Siberia. I have a diverse twelve years of college credits where most professors have a focused six to eight. Independently, I have studied academic wisdom and spirituality for fifteen years. I am free from affiliation and specialization.

Formally, I studied math and science at Harvard, social science at Purdue, and humanities at Reed. Outside the classroom, I have enjoyed Tae Kwon Do, violin, physical fitness, and Russian language. In early 2014, I began hosting monthly wisdom workshops for my fellow disaffected generalists.

A part-time mystic, I manipulate ideas. My spirit loves music and an independent sense of style. Group dynamics and Russian pop songs make me dance. I live my life outside the dodecahedron.

ENFP, Enneagram 9, Pisces/Aries, etc.


Reed College (Portland, Oregon) MA in Liberal Studies: January, 2015

☞ Foci: Anthropology, Literature

Purdue University - School of Management (West Lafayette, Indiana) MBA: May, 2004

☞ Foci: Behavior, Strategy

Harvard College (Cambridge, Massachusetts) AB: June, 1999

☞ Foci: Mathematics, Russian


Caregiver, helped my stroke-paralyzed mother until her death, 2013-5

☞ TEFL teaching certificate

☞ Founder and teacher of biweekly wisdom workshop

☞ Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do